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Alex Masiuk
Chief Executive Officer / President

Tony Huang
Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer

Mike Bogan
Chief Information Officer

Mike Gogal

Chief Counsel / Secretary

Len Stern
Chief Membership Services and Programs

"SunBrite Academy is dedicated to helping students of all ages and abilities to achieve their full potential. SunBrite Academy delivers individualized educational programs to fit the unique needs of each student to maximize learning. SunBrite Academy provides tutoring, developmental and enrichment activities to help students succeed in school and in life."


At SunBrite Academy, we strive to provide high quality tutoring and enrichment activities to students with learning disabilities. Our goal is to ensure that these students grow to become successful  and productive members of our society. We partner with the students' parents, teachers and counselors to give students the extra help they need. We hire state certified teachers with experience in special education to ensure that we expertly address each child's needs.

What We’re Doing

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SunBrite Academy

SunBrite Academy Inc.


Founded: 2014


Areas of expertise: 
Tutoring students with learning disabilities grades K-12 in all academic subjects.